Fifteen Minute Fiction – Inkling (2)

Timing worked out for a little more today.  I admit it, I fudged my schedule just a little so that I could be sure to have fifteen minutes before going home.

Inkling (Part 2)
An ongoing flash fiction WIP
Reesa Herberth

“Yes, they hurt, no, I don’t have time to tell you what they all mean, and can you please show me where you’ve moved the gesso?”

Grays got to his feet, worrying the corner of his lip with his teeth while he shuffled around the end of the counter and up the cluttered main aisle.  Eva, making full use of her managerial might, had been reading some article on how to keep shoppers in the store longer.  Apparently it involved moving the inventory around every three to six months, subtly warping the expectations of which items should be together on the shelves.  Grays personally thought it was a load of crap, and when he couldn’t find something in a store, he left.

“It should be here.”  He trailed off, staring at the empty space at the end of the paint aisle.

“Yeah.  I know.  But it’s not, and I’ve got about fifteen minutes to get back to school before I get marked absent, fail a course I didn’t even want to take, and flunk out of community college.”

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