Writing about the 2230’s on a desk made in the 1930’s

Over the weekend, through the magic of Craigslist, I fell in love.


She was a tall, slender piece, with an amazing sense of style.  Dark on the outside, hiding a few secrets inside, but I could see right into her, and I just knew she was meant to be with me.

I called an antique store in Baltimore (Ryan’s Relics, in case you’re in the mood to shop), and after talking it over the the lovely woman who answered the phone, she agreed to send me more pictures.  As soon as she sent them, I knew what I’d be doing next weekend- driving to Maryland to pick up my new desk.  I love everything about it, even the scuffed veneer on its feet.  It’ll fit perfectly into my curiosity shop chic design scheme, and seriously, get a load of the doors on the top hutch.  Who wouldn’t be a little wowed by them?

I can’t even believe the deal I got, and I can’t wait to sit down in my new office space and waste some mutated otters.




(Click on the thumbnails below to get a better look at them.)




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