Kellen Frey’s Rules of the Con

Kellen Frey has made a study of the con for many years, and he’s damn good at the game he plays.  He’s got a set of guidelines, and he sticks to them… Unless he doesn’t.  Want to run a con like Kellen?  Check out a few of his rules before dipping your toe into the world of professional lies.


Kellen Frey’s Rules of the Con

1. Don’t forget what you want out of the game.

2. Your job is to convince someone that they want what you want them to want.

3. Never believe your own con.

4. A good con needs a composer and conductor- you’re both.  As a composer, you have to create the most beautiful masterwork ever performed.  As a conductor, you have to keep the work accessible to your audience.  Perfection is rare, and rarer still in people.  It’s better to bring the human touch to your game than it is to look as though you’ve already written your mark’s part.


Kellen, his rules, and the bounty hunters who make him question all of them can be found in The Slipstream Con.

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