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4 Responses to “Just Browsing”

  • Siller

    I too grew up haunting bookstores and libraries, though living in east coast suburbia I had more options to browse them! My favorite library back home is in a coverted church. 2 stories, still has the tall steeple. I don’t think it has any stained glass, but I can’t quite recall. It was there that I discovered some of my favorite authors while seeking respite from loneliness and middle school bullies. While I love the almost-instant access of books these days, your final point rings true: when is the last time I picked up a book without knowing anything about it? Just because it sounded awesome on the jacket? After all, my TBR list must be in the hundreds, all awesome tales with (usually) multiple recommendations. Maybe it’s time to hit up the local library and see what’s hanging out on the shelves.

    • Reesa

      Wow, that sounds like a beautiful space for books.

      I was thinking the other day that I couldn’t remember the last time I’d looked for a book that someone didn’t recommend to me, or that I didn’t research somewhere before buying. I miss the surprise of finding something unexpected.

  • Deborah Potter

    Love the website and reading your blog. I’m going to explore more of the wonderful world of Reesa and Michelle! All the best! Deb

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