It’s Not a Revolution Without a Manifesto

Dear Everyone:

Stop hating people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or, in fact, anyone with a permutation of sexuality that is practiced with other consenting adults.

Stop hating people who are transgender, or any other interpretation of gender that cannot be neatly divided into two very, very narrow categories.

Stop hating people who believe in a different god than you, or different gods than you, or who believe in no god at all.

Stop hating people who are women, whether they use birth control or have ten kids, whether they are fat or thin, whether they say yes or no.

Stop hating people because their skin doesn’t look like yours, or they speak a different language, or a different kind of the same language.

Stop hating people who don’t live up to your personal moral code.  Morals are the rules you set for yourself, not something you can force others to live by.

Stop hating people, because beyond any of those arbitrary words we’ve created to splinter humanity, to make sure that others know that they aren’t like us, for better or worse, we’re all still people.

Stop hating people.

Please.  Please stop hating people.

Just stop.


Reesa Herberth

(Note: Today’s post is less about the mechanics of writing, and more about the acknowledgement that what you imbue in your writing matters.  Treat people, even your imaginary ones, with the respect due another sentient being.)


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