2014 Frederick Book Festival

I’m pleased to be participating in the second annual Frederick Book Festival on Saturday, June 28, 2014.  This year the event will be held at the Hampton Inn (5311 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21074), and it’s FREE for readers!  Please come out to join a host of authors, ranging across just about every genre you can imagine, from 10am to 6pm.  There will be a book signing event from 2-3pm, as well as diverse and lively panel discussions and readings all day.

Due to a conflict, Michelle won’t be attending, but I’ll be there, eagerly awaiting the chance to say hi, and hand out chocolate.  Stop by our table to try out the newly-minted Cabinet of Wonders, talk sci fi, romance, fantasy, or anything else… and did I mention chocolate? Because chocolate.

I look forward to seeing some of you there!

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Balticon 48 Draws Nigh!

Woman playing fiddle made of fire and ice, Balticon 48 title banner.

Michelle and I are once again participating in the festivities at Balticon.  We’ll be around Friday-Monday, so if you’re attending, please feel free to say hello.  Our books will be for sale at the Broad Universe table, and we plan to spend a fair amount of time there between panels.  The GoH is Brandon Sanderson, and I’m really excited to see Melissa Scott, Maria V. Snyder, and Myke Cole, as well.  Not to mention all the lovely people I only ever seem to run into at cons.

If you’d like to see the dog and pony show in action, please drop in to our panels!  Our schedules are below:



Kicking Yourself Into Gear (Panel) (Participant), Friday 20:00 – 20:50, Parlor 1026

Broad Universe Reading Rapid Fire Reading Saturday Afternoon (Panel) (Participant), Saturday 16:00 – 16:50, Pimlico

Open Heart Surgery with a Chain-saw: Deep Edits (Panel) (Participant), Sunday 13:00 – 13:50, Parlor 1026

How to write Polyamory and not a train wreck (Panel) (Participant), Mon 09:00 – 09:50, Chase



Kicking Yourself Into Gear (Panel) (Participant), Fri 20:00 – 20:50, Parlor 1026

Broad Universe Reading Rapid Fire Reading Saturday Afternoon (Panel) (Participant), Sat 16:00 – 16:50, Pimlico

How and Why Romance is 53% of the Market (Panel) (Moderator), Mon 08:00 – 08:50, Derby

How to write Polyamory and not a train wreck (Panel) (Participant), Mon 09:00 – 09:50, Chase


Writing Process Blog Hop

Wheeee, it’s my turn on the Writing Process Blog Hop!  Last week I got tagged by awesome reviewer Petra Grayson.  Her blog is full of reviews, recipes and other fun tidbits and can be found at http://theoryoflietofine.blogspot.com/.  Check it out!


What am I working on?

It feels like I’m really busy, but after seeing all the balls the other folks on this blog tour are juggling, I feel bad for complaining.

Just finished edits on the next Ylendrian novel, Peripheral People… the story of a psychic serial killer IN SPAAAAAACE.  Once the copy edits are completed, it’s on to the publicity push.  I’m really excited about Peripheral.  It was definitely one of those blood, sweat and tears projects, so it makes me feel very protective of it.  I think West and Corwin’s relationship is one of the best Reesa and I have ever written, and the plot itself is so intricate and deep that I feel incredibly proud of us every time I think about it.

I’m also working on two short stories in my Playa Escondida paranormal series: “Beach Patrol” and “Native Species”.  It seems like I’ve been plugging away at them for forever.  Here’s hoping there’s an end in sight, if only because I love my town, and I want to keep exploring it.  I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want to live in a coastal Florida town where a weregator runs the local used car dealership and a mysterious little girl and her lemonade stand herald town disasters?

Reesa and I are also working on a sequel to The Slipstream Con, with a working title of Inside Job.  We had too many requests for more Kellen and Vanya and Tal to refuse!  And not to give too much away, but Heston might be making another appearance, just to keep our trio on their toes.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Because I’ve written it.  Not to sound conceited, but I think that’s true.  Every single person has their own writing style.  You can try and copy the style of a writer you admire, but your own personality is always going to come through.  This is a good thing.  I know I’d read a whole lot less if everything I picked up sounded the same.

Along this same line, I believe that every character I write has something of me in them.  Even the evil ones, believe it or not.  Well, okay, so Heston isn’t really evil… he, uh, just lacks those boring societal morals.  But, hey, he and I share a liking of Hawaiian shirts.


Why do I write what I do?

I write what I love to read and I love to read romance.  Life is about relationships, and I’m fascinated by that.  How do they develop, what wild-n-wonky things happen along the way, how does it all work out in the end?  Closely tied with this is the fact that I only read and write happy endings.  The way I see it, there’s enough bad shit in the world… all you have to do is turn on the news to realize that.  Books (my own and others) are an escape for me, and I want sunshine and ponies and fluffy kittens!  Now having said that, I’m a-okay with a heavy dose of angst and misery getting to that HEA, but it’s got to be there.


How does your writing process work?


If I’m writing with Reesa, she’s the awesome idea person.  She’s all over the “what-if” side of things.  I love the conversations with her that start “Hey, I was thinking…” because it means there’s a great story seed.  On my own, a lot of inspiration comes from anthology calls.  I’ll see one with a publisher I like and think “Oooh, that sounds like fun” and then I’ll let it percolate through my brain (unfortunately the image I always get is a septic field percolating!) and hopefully come up with an idea.


I’ve learned through hard experience that I’m better off with some kind of, if not an actual outline, at least a roadmap pointing me in the direction I need to go.  I had a lot of years of viewing myself as a “pantser”, mainly because outlines made me think of high school English and Roman numerals and indents that seemed totally random.  Then Reesa and I hit the last quarter of Peripheral and realized if we were going to finish, we needed to have a plan.  We put together a rough outline that kept us on track, and voila!  There was something very comforting about reaching a point in a chapter and instead of sitting there staring into space wondering what the hell was supposed to happen next, I could look at the notes/outline,  sigh in relief,  and keep writing.

Right, so when I’m co-writing, that’s how things fall out.  When I’m on my own, there’s a whole lot of knowing where I want to go and not a freaking clue how I’m going to get there.  Case in point?  “Beach Patrol”.  Gotta get rid of a demon and set up a possession.  Crap, I have NO idea how I’m going to do that and make it both true to the town and interesting-n-different.  Where’s that road map?  I don’t even need all the highways filled in.  Just give me a compass rose so I know I’m headed in approximately the right direction!  I’ll muddle through the rest on my own.

Thank goodness I stick to short stories since I think a novel on my own might kill me.  That would be why I’ve got about five winning (50,000 word) NanoWrimos sitting around unfinished and with plot holes big enough to drive a truck through.  The thought of having to rewrite huuuuuuge vast expanses of prose so that they’re not only coherent but move in a logical, linear pattern and actually GO SOMEWHERE makes me want to sob.  Loudly.  And continuously.

Up next week you need to be looking for Connor Wright and Reesa Herberth!

  1.  Connor has written such wonderful stories as First Flight and Tobias’s Own Adventure. Connor is a firm believer in the “what-if” school of writing, which has led to some fun and fantastic stories that magically appear out of the great Northwest.       Connor can be found at http://www.connorwrites.com/.
  2. Reesa Herberth has written such incredibly diverse stories as “Fin de Siècle”, The Balance of Silence, The Slipstream Con, and “The Wishing Box”. Her love of science fiction provides a strong foundation for her writing. Reesa can be found at http://www.michelleandreesawrite.com/.

Indiscreet Valentines

I’m featured over on The Book Belle’s blog today with a passel of other Riptide authors.  We’ve all got special excerpts and treats for everyone, so please pop over and help yourself to some literary truffles.  Or, in my case, wildly inappropriate valentines!  Here’s one that didn’t make it to their page, just for all of you:


Don’t forget, you can woo me (easily!) with a little space station not!zombie love poetry of your own, and be entered to win a free book- just drop me a tweet (@reesah) or comment on the blog. More details here.

Not!Zombie Poetry Contest

I’m having an impromptu contest! Write me a Valentine’s Day poem about zombies and/or failing space stations, and you’ll be entered to win an e-book copy (format of your choice) of anything I’ve written.  Tag me on twitter – @reesah, or leave it in a comment here. I will post all poems here, with credit (let me know if you want credit as something other than your twitter username).  Winner will be chosen in a completely un-random way, based on which poem I like best, on Feb. 15th, 2014.

Here are some romantic verses to inspire you:

Roses are red;
Space is black;
Our universal domination plans;
Have gotten a bit off-track.

Zombies love eating;
but I’m fond of you;
so blow out that airlock;
and turn them to goo.
by Thomas Burke/@impossibly

I can hear them approaching;
it makes my heart race;
Don’t you dare tell me;
there are no sounds in space.
by Thomas Burke/@impossibly

“In Discretion” Wins a 2014 SFR Galaxy Award!

I’m proud to announce that In Discretion has been honoured with an SFR Galaxy Award!

In Discretion cover

And the winner is…

The winner of the In Discretion trivia contest, now the proud new owner of some kick-ass Ylendrian swag (and chocolate!) is…

Colette Miranda

Yes, that’s REAL sparkle text. You can touch it.  I know you want to.

(Winner has been notified via email.)

Thank you to everyone who participated, all the amazing blogs that let me invade last week, and of course, all the people who’ve read, reviewed, and enjoyed In Discretion.

In Discretion Trivia Giveaway – Enter Now!

In Discretion Book cover - two men leaning against port hole door, zombie hands squeezing through gap
Hey folks, it’s not too late to enter the In Discretion trivia contest and (possibly) win some pretty cool prizes!  The winner to be drawn from the entries on Friday, January 10, 2014.  I’ll be giving away the winner’s choice of any e-book in my backlist, plus a reading gift pack featuring books and treats!  The contest is open to U.S. and International entrants.  In the event that a winner outside the U.S. is chosen, a gift certificate to Riptide Publishing or Amazon will be substituted for the physical prize.  To enter, email me the answers to the following trivia questions (answers to all questions can be found in In Discretion):


1.      What is the name of Thanson Nez’s father?
2.      Who is Tynna?
3.      What item did Thanson steal from Kazra the last time they saw one another?


What’s in the reading gift pack? Books! Coffee! Chocolate! And just because, a signed Ylendrian Empire mug!  You know you want it.

In Discretion Blog Tour: The Galaxy Express

In Discretion Virtual Blog Tour Banner

 The Galaxy Express has a nice non-spoilery tag post about In Discretion today, including the ongoing giveaway and Heather’s thoughts about the book

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In Discretion Blog Tour: The Delighted Reader & M/M Good Book Reviews

In Discretion Virtual Blog Tour Banner


The Delighted Reader gave me the chance to tell everyone about the probable title of my biography, my secret plan to write a historical mystery, and- best of all- share some of the soundtrack to In Discretion.  Sophia Rose also gave the book four stars in her recent review!

M/M Good Book Reviews is featuring us in a spotlight today- thanks to them for the chance to drop by.

Stops for this tour:

December 29, 2013 – Smart Girls Love Scifi
December 30, 2013 – Sid Love
December 31, 2013 – Cup O’ Porn
January 1, 2014 – The Novel Approach
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January 3, 2014 – Delighted Reader
January 4, 2014 – The Bookaholic – Spotlight Stop
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