What’s We’re Working On – Project Update, April 2011

This is the project list as it stands on April 13, 2011.  We reserve the right to have a better idea, get hopelessly sidetracked by other things, or throw our hands in the air and declare a story dead at any point.

I’ve also added progress bars for the current novels, on the sidebar.  And if you’re really amused by random words, I’m tweeting the first and last word of everything I add to Peripheral People, on the Ylendrian Empire twitter.



  • Peripheral People – Codename: Pineapple – Ylendrian Empire novel, space opera paranormal/mystery, potentially (ain’t no “potentially” about it anymore) m/f, m/m – approx. 90,000 words, 60% completed
  • The Memory Keeper – ReesaPost-nirvana fringe rebels trying to save their friend from a disease must use their hidden, mutated powers to infiltrate the corporate city that offers their only hope of salvation. Post-apocalyptic, created family, futuristic, fantasy powers, m/f, m/m – approx. 90,000-110,000 words, 10% completed

Short Stories

  • A Thousand Words – Michelle – Enchanted Grounds universe.



Lew/Jess/Denny novel Ylendrian Empire novel, space opera romance with paranormal elements, m/f/m, potentially 80,000-100,000 words

  • Pull elements from large portions already written
  • Work to tie in with other Ylendrian stories
  • Fit into timeline

Short Stories

  • Something About Dancing – Ylendrian Empire short, Kellen/Tal/Vanya, post-The Slipstream Con, Kellen’s got a job to do, and a shaky notion that the discomfort he’s feeling about it might be a conscience. The horror!


Nothing at this time.

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