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4 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • chelsea clifton

    Will there be any follow up with Kellen and “Slipstream Con”? I’d love to know more about how Kellen ticks and your short story “Only Son” has gotten me very curious about his past. Also, will there be any overlap in future books between the characters in the different stories? I think Thanson Nez and Kellen could get into a lot of trouble together. Especially with the Imperial Enforcement Coalition chasing them.

  • Reesa

    Hi Chelsea! Sorry it took me so long to notice this comment here.

    We do plan a follow-up for The Slipstream Con! I can’t say when it will appear, but the book is in progress as our schedule allows. There will definitely be some overlap in future stories- the characters from Peripheral People and The Slipstream Con are a bit more connected than even they are aware of. I hadn’t even considered Thanson and Kellen getting into trouble together, but now you’ve got me thinking about it! Poor Tal would lose his mind. Meanwhile, Vanya and Kazra would sit back and debate about the best time to jump in and have a little fun of their own.

    Thanks so much for your comment. It’s always wonderful to know someone appreciates our work and is looking forward to seeing our characters again.


  • Amy

    Really enjoyed Detour. Would love to read more about Nick & Ethan. Any chance of that down the line?

    Thanks for writing 🙂

  • Reesa

    Hi Amy! There will definitely be another book about Nick and Ethan. We’ve got two books in the same series coming up, and then we hope to start working on their continuing adventures. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!