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Scumbag Writer Brain

Deadlines, family events, out of town guests, and cat-ass-trophes (that’s where your cat draws punctuation marks on the carpet with her hind quarters) have left me with tons going on that’s either unbloggable (the writing is going well! I can’t tell you anything else.), hasn’t happened yet, or really SHOULD be deemed unbloggable. (Until Widget, I wasn’t aware that cats also did the butt scoot boogie.)

In the meantime, I’ve made you something.  A trifling token of affection for writers, or really, anyone who sets out to do something creative.

Scumbag Writer Brain.

Scumbag Writer Brain

Blew through your word count like a boss? Why don’t you have that dream where Publishers Weekly gives you negative three stars, and reviews your book only as a cautionary tale.

Et tu, Spring?

Really now, Spring?  This is how you’re gonna play it?







Seems like the perfect afternoon to coddle a migraine and attempt to get some writing done.  The new Ylendrian Empire story, In Discretion, is jamming along nicely.  We have achieved infection.  Next up, Unsettling Feelings From the Past.

Provided my cats don’t smother me with their blubber glee when I get home, that is.

There is also the rumour of frickles this evening.  Should this happen, I will no doubt become a filthy frickle flaunter on twitter.  Brace yourselves.

Crafting With Reesa

Crafting with Reesa-

“Let’s do this thing!”

“Okay, all my supplies for !Thing are arranged in order of use, at precise right angles. It’s ON!”

“I think I forgot something from step 2. Let me just look at the instructions again.”

*4 hours of Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook/AO3 later*

“Wasn’t I doing something? I think I need to feed the animals.”

*30 minutes before the time a reasonable person would be heading for bed*
“Shit, I never finished !Thing, and all the stuff is out. I don’t want to put it away, just so I can get it out again tomorrow. I’ll do it now.”
“How did I miss that I have to hold this above my head at a 45 degree angle for an hour so the colours mix properly?”

*3 hours after a reasonable person would have gone to bed, but still 5 from when I have to be awake again*

“This is so cool! I can’t tell if it’s the three diet Pepsi’s or the glue fumes talking, but this is the most awesome craft ever! Maybe I’ll make another one! Why isn’t anyone awake so I can show them how cool this is?”

*Sometime during second item, faceplant in craft. Wake up next morning with feathers superglued to ear, staring at tie-dyed macaroni art the cat is trying to eat, one piece at a time*