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Read the first chapter of The Slipstream Con

The smoky rat’s nest of a club passed for high dollar on Station 43, and they priced their watered-down drinks accordingly. Tal had nursed his for over an hour by the time Vanya slipped into the seat across from him. Her dark hair was pulled up in a complicated twist that left half her curls free to cast shadows across her face, and the light from the candle between them wavered with her barely quickened breath.

“Station authorities undocked his ship a few minutes ago, and they’re dragging it to an impound net right now. We’ll be able to search it as soon as they’ve received our warrant transmissions. There isn’t a ship scheduled for departure for the next full cycle, and they’re already recalibrating their law-enforcement scans to search for his face.” Smiling impishly, she leaned across the table and snatched the last of his drink, tossing it back with aplomb. Neither of them said it, because until they closed the binders around his wrists it wasn’t real, but they both knew they were bringing in the bounty on Kellen Frey after three years of running him down.


Read Kellen Frey’s Rules of the Con

It’s more a set of guidelines, really…


Read Want, Take, Have: a Slipstream short 

What do you get the bounty hunter who has everything?  For that matter, what do you get the man who can steal something better? (Contains minor spoilers for The Slipstream Con.)


Read Only Son: a Slipstream short

Kellen finds a familiar face in an unexpected place.  (Contains minor spoilers for The Slipstream Con.)

Read the first chapter of The Balance of Silence

Welcome to the jungle—where the found are lost and the lost are redeemed.

Riv is a man adrift, hoping that running supplies for ReliefCorp will restore his faith in mankind—and in himself. Deep in the war-torn Maltana rainforest, he stumbles upon a local bar that suits his mood: good food, bad attitude. The entertainment, though, is unexpected. A skilled piano player who avoids eye contact, flinches when anyone approaches…and warns Riv of an ambush by tapping out the planetary anthem for Riv’s homeworld of Karibee.

The least Riv can do for the mute piano man, “Ducks”, is take him to the nearest spaceport for help. On their harrowing journey to escape Maltana, Riv makes a horrifying discovery. Ducks endured torture that scarred his mind as well as his body. Still, before he leaves the man safely in a treatment facility, Riv manages to earn what little trust Ducks has to give.

Months later they reconnect, and while it’s clear their instant attraction was no fluke, there’s still a piece missing. Ducks’ voice. To help him find it again, Riv will have to expose the painful past that tore a hole in his own life. And hope that together, their ragged edges will fit together to form a whole.

Product Warnings

This book contains fluffy blond hair, sugary soda that will rot your teeth out, one unfortunate first name, and one mute amnesiac with a sarcasm fetish, all wrapped up in two selfless but mildly unstable guys who accidentally find their happily ever after. In SPACE!

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