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Are You Listening?

I wrote a Thing on Facebook the other day, partially in reaction to a friend who posted some meme, partially in general frustration.  My Facebook isn’t author space, or even public for the most part, but several people asked if they could share the post.  I thought maybe I’d share it here, too, even though I usually don’t get specifically political (or terribly personal) on the old (neglected) blog here.

TW: Discussion of sexual assault, both personal experience and in the media.

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New Name, now with 33% More Reesa* (*than products which contain 33% less Reesa)

Just a quick note to explain some of the housekeeping taking place on our various sites at the moment.  Remember when Panic! at the Disco lost their ! for an album? I’ve lost my “S.”, mostly because nobody can spell my name anyway, and I figured it was easier to knock a letter and some punctuation out of the equation and hope for the best.

Well, also because I haven’t gone by my given name with any frequency since I was about 14, so clinging to a name I don’t particularly care for in enigmatic initial form seemed kind of silly.  I don’t think there are a lot of other Reesa Herberth’s writing science fiction or romance at the moment, in any case.

Other site work you may have noticed- updated release dates, completed progress metres (with new stories to come!), and a link to the very cool professional organization we belong to, Broad Universe.

There’s more to come in the next few days.  Lots of announcements, both mysterious and absolute, not to mention news about Michelle’s blog tour for her upcoming release, “If Wishes Were Coffee”. (Which you can pre-order, at a discount no less, right now!)

Just Browsing

I grew up in Hawaii, mostly in two teensy little towns, Keaau and Pahoa.

Downtown Pahoa Hawaii

This is downtown Pahoa, Hawaii. I don’t know where they hid all the hippies while they were taking this picture, but I’m sure if you sniff your screen, you can still smell the patchouli. (Photo by Alex Avriette)

Our nearest “big town” was Hilo, where you could find TWO McDonald’s, a Little Caesar’s (PizzaPizza!), the minigolf/waterslide where rich kids had their birthday parties, and a full one and a half malls.  Happy was the day when Kaiko’o Pet finally moved to Prince Kuhio Plaza, and we no longer had to beg to drive lo those many miles (all 2.2 of them) to stare at the fish.  Happier still, the tiny little indie bookstore moved into Prince Kuhio, and I could finally divide my time between them and Waldenbooks.  Two, two, TWO glorious bookstores, in one place!

My Mom worked for a local furniture store at the time (for those in the know- the one owned by the Aussie who did his own tv commercials), and it was a short hop across the Hilo Hattie’s parking lot and an empty field, in the doors through possibly the last Woolworth’s in the country, and around two corners to the (at the time) sprawling expanse of BOOKS.  My pace would quicken (not enough to be yelled at or possibly detained by a security guard), I’d practically hold my breath, and then I’d set foot in the store, and everything would be just a little better with every step as I neared the back corner, where the fantasy and science fiction section lived on four whole shelves.  The store employees knew me- they would often save me promo items and ARCs- and nobody ever bothered me as I surveyed my potential kingdoms for hours at a time.  No matter what author I was interested in, or what series I was reading, I started with A, at the very beginning of the section, and my eyes scanned every single book, looking for anything new, anything special, anything that would make my tiny world, with its towns you could see from top to bottom without turning your head, a little bigger.

When we were still attending public school, we went to Keaau.  The best thing about that school was the library, because it wasn’t a school library, full of easy readers and picture books.  It was a full-fledged public library, with a real, computerized catalogue and inter-library loan from any of the other islands, even Oahu, where I was quite sure they kept all the books to themselves.

This is where I used to not get beat up during recess and lunch. Also where I read the whole Banned Books Week cart, and earned tiny, free pizzas every summer.

The shelves here were my haven from bullying.  Top to bottom, front to back, carefully avoiding the children’s books.  I would search for a book like the last one I’d read, or a book about something outside my own head.  Sometimes for a book about why- why was I so sad, why didn’t anything make sense, why wasn’t magic real?  I learned how to shelve books properly here, and how fast I could run through those safe, tinted glass doors, into the open arms of those beloved bookshelves.  At the Hilo library, crouched low and inching along the cool tile floors, I read my way through the fantasy and science fiction section.  I discarded the boring books in my wake as I made a study of all the genre fiction deemed fit for the main public library on the island.  My Mom would sometimes have to call my name three or four times to break me out of my giddy daze, and we finally agreed that a tote bag a week was the only sensible option for my check outs.

I can find almost any book I want within seconds these days, and that’s amazing.  I love reading, and I love being able to read what I want without waiting for three weeks for the copy to come in from Kauai.  What I miss, aside from getting free personal pan pizzas for reading a book with chapters (look, we had low standards, okay?  Don’t judge.), is the anticipation, the breathless, anxious feeling in my chest as I rounded the corner to Waldenbooks.  Is it still there?  What if they sold the book I wanted to read?  What if they moved the section, and it’s smaller now?  What would they do with the books?  WHAT IF THEY WENT OUT OF BUSINESS AND NOBODY TOLD ME?

I miss not knowing what I was looking for, and finding it anyway.



Crafting With Reesa

Crafting with Reesa-

“Let’s do this thing!”

“Okay, all my supplies for !Thing are arranged in order of use, at precise right angles. It’s ON!”

“I think I forgot something from step 2. Let me just look at the instructions again.”

*4 hours of Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook/AO3 later*

“Wasn’t I doing something? I think I need to feed the animals.”

*30 minutes before the time a reasonable person would be heading for bed*
“Shit, I never finished !Thing, and all the stuff is out. I don’t want to put it away, just so I can get it out again tomorrow. I’ll do it now.”
“How did I miss that I have to hold this above my head at a 45 degree angle for an hour so the colours mix properly?”

*3 hours after a reasonable person would have gone to bed, but still 5 from when I have to be awake again*

“This is so cool! I can’t tell if it’s the three diet Pepsi’s or the glue fumes talking, but this is the most awesome craft ever! Maybe I’ll make another one! Why isn’t anyone awake so I can show them how cool this is?”

*Sometime during second item, faceplant in craft. Wake up next morning with feathers superglued to ear, staring at tie-dyed macaroni art the cat is trying to eat, one piece at a time*

Making Waves, Good News, and Where We’ve Been

While I’ve never been the most prolific blogger in the world, I usually manage not to let a month or more go by between posts.  Medical mishaps will really screw with your blogging schedule though, let me tell you.  While I clear the tumbleweeds around here, I’ll just mention that at the end of October, two days before I was supposed to get on a plane to go to Iceland, I saw a pulmonologist for what I thought was a resurgence in my asthma symptoms.  Two hours later, I was sent across the street to the emergency room, then admitted to the hospital for two days after a CT scan revealed extensive pulmonary embolisms.  It’s been a very strange few weeks, and I haven’t been online much.  I’m doing okay, and I will eventually be absolutely fine, but there’s something pretty scary about hearing a doctor talk to you about your averted demise.

So that’s where and how I’ve been, and because I’m a needy thing, that’s what’s been taking up most of Michelle’s time and attention, too.

I can tell you though, that the very best news you can get while you’re in the hospital, is that an editor wants your novel.  Just as I was preparing to make a rope out of my bedsheets and make my escape from the luxurious (*snort*) 7th floor suite I’d been sequestered in, we got an email from Rachel Haimowitz at Riptide Publishing, telling us they wanted to contract our next Ylendrian Empire novel, the psychic-cop thriller (In SPACE!), Peripheral People.  (I think I’m required to say that’s a tentative title, but who knows?)

You have to love being welcomed like this:

We’re thrilled to welcome some great new authors! Writing duo Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore are bringing us a suspenseful sci-fi story, tentatively titled Peripheral People, set in the same universe as their critically acclaimed Ylendrian Empire stories. Expect their release in August 2013!

We’re hard at work on edits right now, and you can expect to see the book in late summer 2013, barring further revolution in my lungs.  I’m so excited to get this book out into the world, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

I’m still on twitter every now and then, and I still answer email promptly(ish), but right now I’m focused on recovery, editing, editing, editing, and maybe a little writing now and then.  I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, and working on all sorts of crafty projects for Yuletide gifting.  I hope everyone has a peaceful week (whether you’re celebrating National Day Before Leftovers Day or not), and I’ll be back, good as new and snarky as ever, shortly.



They Will Know Me By the Trail of My Post-its

I’m not sure if I should hope to be judged by my desk if I suddenly drop dead, or hope nobody takes me seriously.


(With apologies to Boyd Bauer, who is very much alive, and also a cat. One of the few who doesn’t live in my house.)

What clues to your personality are hiding in your work space? (Hint: I’d love to see photos.)

Vacation: from the Latin, Meaning “Not Long Enough”

I’m back from Seattle and St. Augustine, ever-so-slightly tan (okay, really- less pale, and with a couple extra freckles on my nose, for Stanley to laugh at me about), tired, and wishing I was still in either location.

Walked over 20 miles in the 4 days I was in Seattle, and it was all cool, and caffeinated, and awesome. I love Seattle. I took my nephew to Gasworks Park, and we flew a tie-dye rainbow kite above the ruins of industry, and the inflated head of the Statue of Liberty. I managed, for the second time, to pick the week Salumi is closed every year, so I did not partake of the cured meat feast. I bought a whole salmon from the fish market at Pike Place, and they yelled at each other and tossed it back to be cleaned and wrapped, and then I cooked the hell out of that thing, and it was beyond excellent. I met a new family member, in the form of my sister’s gentleman caller. I had a raspberry mocha at Peet’s, and about half a dozen other drinks at my new favourite coffee shop, Bedlam Coffee. I made my Mom laugh, and we talked and sauntered and shopped, touched anemones, and gaped at otters, all a-touristy. Thank you, Seattle. I love you, in case I didn’t mention it enough.


Left Seattle, and flew to Jacksonville, where the partner in crime picked me up, and we scooted back to our condo. Friends were already in from their Disneyland vacation, so there was more visiting, and lots of food, talking, shopping (window, in my case), and eventually naps of great glory. It should be noted that this half of the trip was decidedly less caffeinated, and it showed. There was much beaching, some swimming in the pools, catching up with still MORE friends (these by proxy, though the time I spent with them was lovely and amusing), and heaps of fried seafood. The perfect date night was had, in the form of neighbourhood-cruising, the St. Augustine art walk, dinner in a charming cafe, plotting out the desires for our dream home, and topping it all off with milkshakes. I did some painting at the beach, fried my hair to a crispy crackle of salt-cured tangles, and thought about all the things I want to write, and how I can accomplish them.


I’m back at the day job today, fighting the air conditioning wars with my co-irker, drinking sub-standard iced coffee, and wishing I was looking up through purpled glass at a world that barely knows I’m there, or tripping over my own toes, caught in the cracks of a city celebrating its 450th birthday. Instead, I’ll go do the payroll, to remind myself of the check that keeps paying for these things.

Fifteen Minute Fiction – Inkling, pt. 14

Finally, new Inkling.  In which Grays brings a stranger home– or is it that his home is stranger?

(If you need to catch up, you can always read the full story (for free!) here: Inkling )

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Reesa Makes Penis Jokes In Public, Or, An Authors After Dark 2011

I maybe have mentioned this before, but I’m really, really bad at travel posts.

Because I can never get it together enough to post actual, thoughtful write-ups, you’re getting a list of highlights from my experience at Authors After Dark 2011.

Events and Things

  • Moderating a panel for the first time, even if it was by accident.  Writing With A Partner featured panelists Larissa Ione, Jess Haines, Augusta Li, and Eon de Beaumont.  I was really worried about filling up all the time, but the audience had great questions, and everyone on the panel was funny and insightful.
  • The Menage and More panel, where Michelle and I apparently broke the brains of 80% of the room (including all our other panelists) by telling them that The Slipstream Con is a “sweet” romance, even though it features a polyamorous relationship.  Another great panel, with lots of fun readers who were really engaged and enthusiastic.  Loved it!
  • Giovanni’s Room, an amazing gay bookstore just a few blocks from the hotel.
  • Getting an actual Philly cheese steak, and being totally vindicated in my choice of Cheez Whiz, when it turned out that Michelle’s, with provolone, wasn’t anywhere NEAR as good. Ha! (To be fair, I feared the Whiz when I ordered it, but it had to be done.  That’s me, you know, always willing to take one for the team.)
  • Max Brenner’s Chocolate restaurant.  We were going to Appleby’s, but then we smelled chocolate across the street.  We had the most adorable table, right in the window, facing onto the street, and you guys, the chocolate eggrolls were so good that I -dreamed- about them the following night.  Completely amazing.  (Apparently we missed the floor show at Appleby’s, though.  Dancing cockroaches.)
  • I won a huge goody bag of books, some of which I’ll be giving away in the next couple of weeks.  Watch this space.
  • And my favourite part of the whole weekend- the book signing.  Getting to talk to readers, potential readers, and the people kind enough to stop by and tell us how much they loved our books, was worth the traffic, the drive itself, the BURNING TRACTOR TRAILER we passed in Maryland, and pretty much blew me away.  I’m sure I said it at the time, but in case I missed gushing at you when you were standing in front of me- if you stopped y our signing table, you made my month.  Thank you for your kind words, your enthusiasm, and your smiles.


If I try to list everyone I met, I am inevitably going to forget someone I meant to mention.  So I’m going to say this- meeting readers was amazing.  And since I don’t know a single author who isn’t also a reader, I think that’s going to cover everyone.  The people made this con for me, the open, friendly smiles, and the welcome extended to us, despite our slightly skewed contributions to the romance genre.  If I met you, I enjoyed the experience, and coming from someone with pretty intense social anxiety, that’s saying a lot. I was sick all weekend, and I still left with a smile on my face.

Thank you to everyone who made AAD 2011 such a great weekend.  It was an honor to meet you.

Writing about the 2230’s on a desk made in the 1930’s

Over the weekend, through the magic of Craigslist, I fell in love.


She was a tall, slender piece, with an amazing sense of style.  Dark on the outside, hiding a few secrets inside, but I could see right into her, and I just knew she was meant to be with me.

I called an antique store in Baltimore (Ryan’s Relics, in case you’re in the mood to shop), and after talking it over the the lovely woman who answered the phone, she agreed to send me more pictures.  As soon as she sent them, I knew what I’d be doing next weekend- driving to Maryland to pick up my new desk.  I love everything about it, even the scuffed veneer on its feet.  It’ll fit perfectly into my curiosity shop chic design scheme, and seriously, get a load of the doors on the top hutch.  Who wouldn’t be a little wowed by them?

I can’t even believe the deal I got, and I can’t wait to sit down in my new office space and waste some mutated otters.




(Click on the thumbnails below to get a better look at them.)