Fifteen Minute Fiction – Inkling (5)

In which Grayson wonders if his break is over yet.

If you’d like to catch up on the whole story, you can find it here: Fifteen Minute Fiction – Inkling

The resulting explosion seemed to happen in slow motion, and for all Grays knew, it did.  The shockwave knocked him over, and he barely had time to raise his arms to cover his head before he hit the ground.  He couldn’t tell if he was injured, and he didn’t have a moment to worry about it, because Tattooed Guy had an arm under him, tugging him back to his feet and pulling him around the side of the car.

Words weren’t coming at the same time as the sounds that formed them, and it took far too long to figure out that he was being asked a question.  “Keys, can you give me your keys?”

Grays pulled them out of his pocket, and when he couldn’t get his fingers to unclench, the guy pulled them away.

He unlocked the door and shoved Grays into the passenger seat.  After a pause to look through the window, he crawled over Grayson and settled into the driver’s seat before leaning back across the pull the door shut.

The car started after a fitful cough of protest, and they zipped out of the parking space, whipping around to face the fire-breathing creature.

“I’m really sorry about your car,” he said, and he actually sounded apologetic as he took aim at the creature and hit the gas.  It bounced up over the bumper onto the hood, and Grayson could see steam rising from its hide before it slid off the car and they sped out of the parking lot.

Grays gathered all of his wits about him, found the supply lacking, and spoke anyway.  “I think my break is over.”  He glanced at the clock on his radio, then back at the man behind the wheel.  “And you’re totally going to be late to class, dude.”  Scrambling up on his knees, he twisted around to look behind them, but they were around the corner, and he couldn’t see anything following them.  “Pretty sure you can tell them the dog ate your homework, though.”

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