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I’m pretty comfortable with my writing process.  I know what it takes to get my words out, even if I sometimes sit at the computer and play on the Twitters instead.  I may have mentioned before that when I write, I’m translating the movie in my head.  I know writers who see their work in words, but mine comes to me in technicolor picture shows that I have to find the language for.  I’m okay with that, though I know it makes me a much slower writer than someone who has the words waiting for them.

It takes me some time to settle into the translation process.  Everything twitches and shifts, and gears disengage as I realign.  The funny thing about having a Day Job is, they aren’t particularly keen on my just checking out and playing movies in my head all day, no matter how great those movies are.  Once I’ve found my way back to that place, taken my seat in the theatre and tuned in, I have a tendency to let go of the world around me.  Those poor, unfortunate souls (it’s sad! but true!) who try to interact with me while I’m checked out are often met with a rather surly response.  Once I’m in it, I’m in it, and I really don’t like coming up for air.

Being transported to another world when I write is great, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  But it means that when I get stuck, when the words just aren’t right, all I can really do is block everything else out and hope I can untangle the pictures and turn them into prose.  I’m not a fan of free writing, because my personal goal isn’t just to inflict my words on a page, it’s to tell a story, generally one already in progress.  With free writing, I wind up feeling like I’ve wasted that time, since I very rarely walk away from it with anything I can use to further a plot.  I know it works to shake things loose for a lot of people, but it’s definitely not my cuppa.  I wish I could get my brain to work that way, sometimes.

So that’s a little of my behind-the-scenes process when I write.  The next time it looks like I’m staring blankly into thin air, give me the benefit of the doubt- I’m probably writing.  Probably.


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