Five Strange Things About Reesa

Today my to-do list is a million miles long, and after the writing binge last weekend, I’m still a little burned out.  So I thought I’d cheat, and tell you some weird things about myself.  Trust me, it’s far better than me trying to come up with something pithy to tell you about the writing craft.

        1. The only plain potato chips I like are Utz brand Kettle Classic Dark Russets.  Yeah, that’s right, the burned ones.  YUM.  The sugars in the potato have caramelized, and the salt is a perfect counterpoint to them.  (I also order my fries well done.)
        2. While many seem to prefer the whole “will they/won’t they” struggle, I’m a huge fan of the “why ARE they?” relationship.  What can I say?  I like antagonistic romance.
        3. I work best with little or no supervision.  If you hand me a stack of things to do and leave me alone, I’ll get it done in half the time it would take me if you check up on me or hover.  I am insulted by micro-management, and think it’s displays an appalling lack of faith in someone’s skills.
        4. I keep an hourglass on my desk (and use it), but I don’t like watches or clocks because I feel like I’m watching my day slide away.
        5. I have considered becoming a professional home organizer.  The idea of making everything neat and tidy and not being around for the eventual breakdown of the system (because putting things back in the right spot is hard, apparently) appeals to me.  It’s satisfying.

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