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2 Responses to “Be Nice”

  • Shannon M.

    This applies to reviews, too, particularly if you’re an author reviewing other authors.

    It’s entirely possible to write a review that is negative/critical without also being nasty — I wrote one for a story that I would have loved if not for one teeny tiny gigantic problem that I had with the way the characters behaved.

    (Also, maybe The Author in question really wanted to see your panel, but had to be on a panel that started in the middle of yours. That’s my biggest problem with con programming — I’ll often want to see two or three things that are all happening at once! Sigh.)

  • Allie

    This is so true. As a reader, I find myself completely distracted from a book if all I can think is “This is that one author who freaked out over some stupid non-review on Amazon…” Now I won’t even be able to try this one author (who I had never read before) because this is all I’ll be able to think about.