Michelle and Reesa Go To RavenCon

Our schedules for RavenCon are as follows:


4 p.m. – Room E – Space Cowboys and Fantasy Noir

7 p.m. – Room E&F – Opening Ceremonies

8 p.m. – Board Room – Reading


12 p.m. – Room F – From Print to Electronic Publishing

1 p.m. – Cove – Self-Promotion and Social Anxiety: At least your Mom still loves you. (Maybe.) (Moderating)

11 p.m. – Cove – Non-Monogamy in Speculative Fiction: Threesome doesn’t mean erotica (Moderating)


9 a.m. – Room F – Rethinking “Write What You Know”

10 a.m. – Cove – Our Favorite Non-Genre Shows (Reesa only.)

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