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One Response to “Dear Amazon”

  • Becky

    Thank you for writing this and putting the practice of book censorship on the table with Amazon. Censorship has been an issue in the world of literature for as long as there have been books, and always springs from a wrong headed notion of a need to control or protect the people.

    This form of protection is very thinly veiled totalitarianism. It is, unfortunately, a path those in power have used for centuries to attempt to control access to information.

    When ideas become political prisoners, the world is poorer for it.

    Amazon has a responsibility to uphold the freedom of books and print in all its forms, regardless of their own personal opinions on any particular genre’ or topic.

    When corporations control access to literature through censorship they have become dictatorial in a way that defies modern ideals of free speech and freedom of expression. In a world which seems hell-bent on traveling the road of further restriction of individual rights, Amazon should be standing firmly in the place of freedom and not on the side of the censors.