Crafting With Reesa

Crafting with Reesa-

“Let’s do this thing!”

“Okay, all my supplies for !Thing are arranged in order of use, at precise right angles. It’s ON!”

“I think I forgot something from step 2. Let me just look at the instructions again.”

*4 hours of Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook/AO3 later*

“Wasn’t I doing something? I think I need to feed the animals.”

*30 minutes before the time a reasonable person would be heading for bed*
“Shit, I never finished !Thing, and all the stuff is out. I don’t want to put it away, just so I can get it out again tomorrow. I’ll do it now.”
“How did I miss that I have to hold this above my head at a 45 degree angle for an hour so the colours mix properly?”

*3 hours after a reasonable person would have gone to bed, but still 5 from when I have to be awake again*

“This is so cool! I can’t tell if it’s the three diet Pepsi’s or the glue fumes talking, but this is the most awesome craft ever! Maybe I’ll make another one! Why isn’t anyone awake so I can show them how cool this is?”

*Sometime during second item, faceplant in craft. Wake up next morning with feathers superglued to ear, staring at tie-dyed macaroni art the cat is trying to eat, one piece at a time*

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