Scumbag Writer Brain

Deadlines, family events, out of town guests, and cat-ass-trophes (that’s where your cat draws punctuation marks on the carpet with her hind quarters) have left me with tons going on that’s either unbloggable (the writing is going well! I can’t tell you anything else.), hasn’t happened yet, or really SHOULD be deemed unbloggable. (Until Widget, I wasn’t aware that cats also did the butt scoot boogie.)

In the meantime, I’ve made you something.  A trifling token of affection for writers, or really, anyone who sets out to do something creative.

Scumbag Writer Brain.

Scumbag Writer Brain

Blew through your word count like a boss? Why don’t you have that dream where Publishers Weekly gives you negative three stars, and reviews your book only as a cautionary tale.

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