Peripheral People Countdown – Ylendrian A-Z – Y

Y is for…

Ylendrian Founding –

  •  Before Empirium 0060 – First Contact – Human and Trakoran communication commences after several years of near-misses
  • B.E. 0057 – Second Contact – Akeloans offer peaceful overtures to both Human and Trakoran homeworlds
  • B.E. 0055 – Neutrality Treaty – Planning for the first exploratory contact mission, all three races agree to a strict code of cooperative neutrality
  • B.E. 0053 – Ylendrian Landfall Mission – Combining the technological advances of the three races, subspace wormhole travel is achieved.  Choosing a planet deemed uninhabited and hospitable to all three races, the first ships are sent to a designated rallying point.
  • B.E. 0053 – Ylendrian Landfall – Humans, Akeloans, and Trakorans meet  face-to-face for the first time since contact was established eight years prior.  Despite difficulties adapting the subspace technology and physiological requirements, emissaries from the three races pledge to further explore and expand their known universe.
  • B.E. 0050 – Ylendria Rising – Ylendria, the planet of first meetings, is officially colonized by all three races.  Terraforming begins, and the first five year research missions are deployed, seeking allies and planets for further colonization.
  • B.E. 0023 – Imperial Genetics Begin – The first Human-Akeloan hybrid, Meloy Parth, is born to a Human mother and a stunned Akeloan father.
  • B.E. 0003 – Triumvir – Meloy Parth is adopted as a member of the Trakoran royal family, becoming Meloy Parth Wrintu, (Mel’Par’Wrin to the Trakorans)
  • After Eempirium 0000 – Imperial Founding – Expanding from their original colony on Ylendria, the three races join under the leadership of the first Empress, Meloy Parth Wrintu, and claim their fifteen colonies as Imperial planets.



Today’s Peripheral Passphrase Letter is: R

Welcome to the countdown to Peripheral People!  Every day until our release date (May 11, 2015), we’ll be giving you a glimpse into our universe, the Ylendrian Empire.  And every post will include a new letter in our scavenger hunt/word jumble contest.  Catch the new letter each day, unscramble the words, and start submitting your contest entries on May 10, 2015 to be entered in a random drawing for the Ridiculously Cool(er) Ylendrian Prize Pack, which includes all of these prizes:

One (1) Slipstream Laboratories lunch cooler- a lovely powder blue insulated bag, proudly emblazoned with the Slipstream Laboratories corporate philosophy: Ethical Dilemmas Are Only a Problem If You Have Ethics

One (1) e-book of your choice from our backlist

One (1) $10 (US or equivalent currency) gift certificate to one of the following bookstores: Riptide Publishing, (or .country for non-US residents), or Barnes & (Winner’s choice)

One (1) signed, full-wrap cover print of the cover art for Peripheral People, by the amazing Simone

Contest submissions open May 10, 2015 through May 24, 2015.  Winner to be announced May 25, 2015.  Contest open to US and non-US residents.  Shipping for physical items will be paid by the authors; any duties or taxes due upon delivery are the responsibility of the prize winner.  Winner will be notified via email, as well as announced on this blog and various social media outlets.  Eligible entries must contain the correctly descrambled phrase, contact name, and valid email address.  Winner will be chosen via random number generator.


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