Daily Archives: March 30, 2011


It turns out, you can spend all the time in the world tinkering with your site, but if you don’t post something to it, all the pretty is for naught.

Who knew?

On that note, welcome to the website and blog of Michelle Moore and Reesa Herberth, or, we tend to be called by normal(ish!) people, Michelle and Reesa.  You may be familiar with us because of our science fiction works, the Ylendrian Empire series.  Maybe you appreciate enchanted coffee shops, or Fin de Siecle Parisian prostitutes.  (Nobody here is judging you.)  Perhaps you are one of our friends, finally caving under the constant onslaught of news about our writing, and trying to figure out if you’re going to have to pretend to like it or not.  (You won’t.  Not only is it pretty fun, we’ll still love you even if you don’t like it.)  Or you could be my Mom.  Hi Mom!

In any case, we’re thrilled you’ve expended the effort needed to click your mouse and arrive here, and we look forward to entertaining you with our shenanigans*.  This is, as they say, only the beginning.


*Has anyone ever perpetrated a shenanigan, singular? Like, they tried it once, and it just wasn’t their thing, so it remained a solo event? I’m not sure I’d be able to trust that sort of person.