Interviewed at Selena Robins’s Blog

Selena Robins has posted an interview she did with us recently.  Head on over to her blog to read about how Michelle and I met and started writing together, heart-shaped pancakes, and whether or not we’ve ever been abducted by aliens.

An Interview With the Dynamic Duo (No, not Batman and Robin.)

We want you to get in on the fun!  Drop us a comment on Selena’s blog, or here on this entry, and tell us what caper you’d pull, if you thought you could get away with it.  (And there were no repercussions.)  Everyone who comments will be entered to win a gift certificate, and if we get more than fifty commenters, we’ll give out two gift certificates.  The winner will be announced on our blog, and emailed directly, so be sure to include contact information in your comment.

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7 Responses to “Interviewed at Selena Robins’s Blog”

  • Fedora

    Great interview, Reesa and Michelle! If I could get away with it, I’d love to sneak off somewhere secluded with the better part of my TBR… Calgon, take me away! ;p

    • Fedora

      Oops, am I supposed to leave my e-mail address?

      f dot chen at comcast dot net

      And I do like to see that progress meter sneaking across for Peripheral People… go, you two!

  • Fedora

    Sweet! And of course curious minds and all–is The Memory Keeper a stand-alone?

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