Rewrites and such

We realized tonight that there’s a scene out of place in Peripheral People. Well, not just out of place… it’ll need rewriting. But it’s cool, no panicking going on. Mainly because what needs to be done is clear.

Also realized tonight that “A Thousand Words”, my next Enchanted Grounds short story, needs some fairly major overhauling. The destination is still the same… it was just getting there via the wrong track. Just a matter of leaving from a different train station. Again, this is okay. It’ll be a freaking lot of work, but I KNOW what needs to be done.

When I start flipping out is when I know something is wrong and needs to be changed but I Just. Can’t. Pinpoint. It. Teeth-gnashing, tearing of hair, rending of garments, I got it all. I guess it’s good to realize that it’s not the work that bothers me. I guess?

On a totally different kind of rewrite? Changed my drink tonight! Had to sneak off to another Starbucks to do it, though. I know how much stress it would cause my favorite barista. But should anyone be interested, a Java Chip Frap with coconut cream? Soooo good! A drinkable Mounds Bar.

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