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What We’re Working On – Project Status – 11/14/11

This is the project list as it stands on November 12, 2011.  We reserve the right to have a better idea, get hopelessly sidetracked by other things, or throw our hands in the air and declare a story dead at any point.  Curious?  Got questions? Drop us a comment.



  • Peripheral People – Ylendrian Empire novel, space opera paranormal/mystery, m/m, with mostly offscreen m/f – approx. 100,000 words, 70% completed  – And what a ride it’s been.  We started this book with four POV characters, wrote 70,000 words that way, and then realized it needed to be a two person POV.  After much whimpering and heavy re-writes, Peripheral People is back on track, and we’re looking to close it out by the end of the year.  This book has really stretched our plotting skills, and expands the Ylendrian Empire in ways that will drive it in interesting directions in future stories.  I think it’s our best yet.
  • The Memory Keeper (Or whatever the hell I’m calling it now) – ReesaPost-nirvana fringe rebels trying to save their friend from a disease must use their hidden, mutated powers to infiltrate the corporate city that offers their only hope of salvation. Post-apocalyptic, created family, futuristic, fantasy powers, m/f, m/m – approx. 90,000-110,000 words, 70% completed – This book continues to make me feel like the luckiest girl with a keyboard.  I’m thrilled that I get to write it, and I believe I’m doing it justice.  Crossed fingers, this should also be tied up and ready for firm second draft/fine detail/pre-submission edits by the end of 2011.
  • Who Remembers – Michelle – Journalists putting together a book about America’s abandoned places stumble across one with a personal connection neither of them is expecting, and their only hope might be a reclusive innkeeper.  Paranormal, ghost stories, historical creepiness, m/m/m – Approx. 80,000 words, 70% completed – I got to read this story as Michelle wrote it, during NaNoWriMo 2008, and you’re in for a treat.  Creepy, atmospheric, funny, and unexpected.  No current deadline, but I would guess early Spring of 2012 for completion.


Short Stories

  • Far From the Tree – Ylendrian Empire short story/novella – Post-Peripheral People, Inspector Corwin Menivie is called home to Kaleia, where between the family who disowned him, the “help” of Agent Westley Shears, and the restrictive society that doesn’t play by Imperial rules, he finds the murder of an anthropologist is about the least of his problems.  Space opera paranormal/mystery, m/m, – approx. 30-40,000 words, 25% completed



Lew/Jess/Denny novel Ylendrian Empire novel, space opera romance with paranormal elements, m/f/m, potentially 80,000-100,000 words

Short Stories

  • Something About Dancing – Ylendrian Empire short, Kellen/Tal/Vanya, post-The Slipstream Con, Kellen’s got a job to do, and a shaky notion that the discomfort he’s feeling about it might be a conscience. The horror!


Nothing at this time.