Hop, hop, hop BANG

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One Response to “Hop, hop, hop BANG”

  • Patrick Scaffido

    PoV is really hard for a writer but also, I feel, one of the most important things to any work of fiction. I don’t think it is enough to have a “consistent” PoV. I think a great story has a strong PoV even if it’s a third person omniscient narrator. Tolstoy’s PoV isn’t weak. Neither is Shakespeare’s. What we see, what’s shown, how it’s depicted, all depend on a powerful PoV. The basics are nice, but my two cents to add would be regardless of the avante gardeness of the story, make sure as a writer you’re clear on who your PoV is and what he’s doing. Otherwise that’s the start of everything getting all icky and inconsistent. Great post, Michelle!