Daily Archives: January 16, 2012

Hop, hop, hop BANG

Disclaimer: The author in no way advocates the hunting of cute fuzzy little bunnies

So I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in things I’ve read recently. Point of view issues. As in switching the PoV not only multiple times within a chapter with no delineation, but sometimes from paragraph to paragraph. And while cute fuzzy little bunnies hopping around in a frenzy might be adorable, uncontrolled head-hopping in a story? Not so much.

I’m the first to admit that it took awhile for me to even understand what point of view was. I remember a very patient English teacher in high school going over and over it until something finally clicked. So yeah, if it were the case of an author not understanding, I might be more sympathetic. Um, no, kidding. These are professionally published books.

So maybe it’s deliberate. A case of being all avant garde and bucking those creativity-stifling stylistic rules. To that I say piffle. Okay, it was actually something a little ruder, but I’m trying to cut down on offensive language this year. Me, that is. Not my characters. But I digress… Style rules usually exist for a reason. To create readable prose. Sure, you can bend ‘em a little, maybe even break a few (a FEW!) here and there, but over-all you really need to follow them. Use periods. Use quotation marks. And for goodness sake help the reader know who is talking and/or thinking!