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What We’re Working On Wednesday

A project list- we have one!  It’s been tweaked and edited, and appears roughly in order of current priorities, though that could change at any moment, and the fact that solo projects appear at the bottom doesn’t indicate that they rank lower than co-written stories.

Michelle and Reesa


Peripheral People (Ylendrian Empire #3) – We’re currently re-reading with fresh eyes, incorporating a lot of feedback from our awesome pre-reader group, and knocking this one back into shape.

A War for Ghosts (Ylendrian Empire #4) – Lewis Jacquard has a fast ship, a charmed life, and a missing chunk of his youth, lost to indiscretions unbecoming the heir to the largest media conglomerate in the Empire. He’s also got a lover who talks to ghosts, and a wayward wife who’d like to string him up by something he’s rather fond of.  Still, nothing he can’t handle, until his past starts unraveling, leaving him fighting in the remains of a war he doesn’t remember volunteering for.


Gifts Too Fine – Ylendrian Empire short story/novella – Kellen Frey is about to come up against a problem he can’t charm his way out of: a visit to the in-laws. Thank goodness Heston Gruin is willing to step in and distract him with a job, even if it’s not one he wants anything to do with.

Far From the Tree Ylendrian Empire short story/novella – Post-Peripheral People, Inspector Corwin Menivie is called home to Kaleia, where between the family who disowned him, the “help” of Agent Westley Shears, and the restrictive society that doesn’t play by Imperial rules, he finds the murder of an anthropologist is about the least of his problems.

With Knives – Vanya Reyes never knew her father, at least until an argument with her mother sent her marching for his doorstep.  He’s not the most welcoming of long-lost parents, but he’s willing to help her find a place in the Imperial Court.  When she falls in love with the Imperial Princess, Vanya’s betting that’s not the position he had in mind.

Changing of the Guard – Sometimes, the battle keeps going long after the last shot is fired.  Tal Serafine isn’t sure he wants to be the one pulling the trigger anymore.


Who Remembers? – Journalists putting together a book about America’s abandoned places stumble across one with a personal connection neither of them is expecting, and their only hope might be a reclusive innkeeper.


Not Actually the Title Of This Story (Jessup’s Run #1) – Post-apocalyptic fringe rebels trying to save their friend from a disease must use their hidden, mutated powers to infiltrate the corporate city that offers their only hope of salvation.  Caution: Contains murderous mutant river otters, a lack of speed limits, one little girl who swears too much, and the crazy notion of a future worth fighting for.

WIP Wednesday – The Groove, and getting back to it.

Currently in the project shuffle:

The story no title will stick to, my little post-apocalyptic baby, now toddling towards its final round of disasters, weaving in ends while I knit another pattern repeat.  I have missed this book, even though our love affair has matured out of the stage where we only want to spend time with one another.

We’re plotting and pacing and poking the fourth Ylendrian Empire book, which, as it happens, was actually the first Ylendrian Empire book, once upon a time in the dimdarkpast.  The Spacers will return, better than ever- now with context, class warfare, and echoes of a past we hadn’t created yet, back when they first introduced themselves.

Peripheral People, the third Ylendrian Empire book, is in the hands of our terrific editor, who should be giving us news one way or the other in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, we’re writing a short story set after the events in the book, because that’s how we roll.

And speaking of short stories, or really, novellas, our last (current) WIP is a daring little holiday rampage featuring Tal, Kellen, and Vanya.  Sometimes finding the gift isn’t actually as hard as giving it to someone- especially when you wake up naked and alone in the middle of the black, and find they’ve gone missing.

Finally, on a more grounded, mundane note, there will be a series of website updates happening soon, none of which should cause any trouble, but you can never tell with these things.  If you have any trouble with either the blog or the Ylendrian Empire site this weekend, keep calm and carry off anything of value- we’ll be up and running again shortly.

WIP Wednesday – In Which February Utterly Escapes Me

I sat down this morning, had a browse around the intern, and was walloped upside the head with the realization that next week, I will have a paperback on shelves.  (Well, we, but for the purposes of this post, I’m being self-centered.)

I’ve been in anthologies that went to print.  In fact, every anthology I’ve been in went to print, and I have a lovely little stack of books that don’t have my name on them, tucked into the Magical Mystery Desk.  But this is the first time I’ve been able to look up at that stack of books and see my own name on some of the spines.

The paperback release of The Slipstream Con has been overshadowed by the frantic, breakneck pace and inevitable post-project come-down of finishing the next Ylendrian book, Peripheral People.  Both books are dear to me, for very different reasons, but let’s be honest: There’s no use pretending I’m not a Kellen Frey fangirl.  Or I would be, if I didn’t have the joy of writing the little bastard.

After taking the night off on Monday (horrors!) and spending most of last night fiddling with promotional things (augh!), tonight it’s back to business.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to work on, but there’s this lovely little post-Slipstream short story we’ve got in the queue, and I’m thinking it might be time to visit with Kellen again.  Just to make sure he’s staying out of trouble, mind you.  (Spoiler: He’s not.)

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about that promotional stuff.  It involves cupcakes and coffee, which I’m sure will garner me a few points, right?

What We’re Working On Wednesday – 2/22/12

Right now?  We’re working on edits for Peripheral People.  As we’ve never really written a mystery/thriller/paranormal before, we’re finding that the edits are a more layered process than ever.  Each layer adds more detail, and removes another layer of confusion.  Wheat from the chaff, murder from the larceny, what have you.  Beyond the new genres we’ve blended together for the book, we’ve expanded the Ylendrian Empire a bit more, added textures and underbelly, as well as a view of how things happen on the right side of the law.

We’ve had a steep learning curve on this book, chopping out two POV characters almost 70,000 words into the manuscript, and discovering about the same time that our killer was every bit as adept at fooling us as they were at fooling our investigators.  What I can tell you, after all the work, is that it’s a book I’m proud of, and a story we wouldn’t have had the skill to tell a few years ago, at least not as well as we have.

I can also tell you that if I procrastinate on my part of the edits any longer, Michelle may very well duct tape me to my chair.  In the interest of my continued freedom, I’ll get back to that now.