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Remembering Black Sunday

Today is the 80th anniversary of Black Sunday, widely regarded as one of the worst days of the Dust Bowl.

I’ve been fascinated by the history of the Dust Bowl since I first saw one of the iconic photographs of a “black blizzard”.  Though the Dust Bowl was an environmental disaster with man-made roots*, there’s a nearly supernatural quality laced through the images and accounts of the time.  Maybe it’s that most of the written and oral accounts were coming from people who lived very closely with the land, and felt as though a friend had betrayed them.  Maybe it’s that nothing of the sort had ever been seen before, and the relentless assault didn’t ever seem likely to end.

I’m captivated by the idea that the environment could be quasi-sentient, and with a landscape so unpredictable that it’s easier to assume there are forces at work other than air currents and a lack of rain.  150,000 words of fascinated with it, but that’s a (long) story for another day.  In the meantime, you can check out what GhostsofNorthDakota.com has to say about Black Sunday.

*-Though most experts agree that a poor understanding of farming practice and the effects of erosion, combined with a drought the likes of which had never been seen, played a role in the creation of the Dust Bowl region and weather, there is growing skepticism about how much of the problem should be laid on the farmers of the time.**

Want and Need

Here’s what I need to write:

Inside Job the sequel to The Slipstream Con. It’s coming. Eventually.

Jessup’s Run #2 which doesn’t have a title yet. Because it took me 3 years to come up with Afterdust, the title of the first book.

Shadowsmend because it’s going to be GLORIOUS, and it’s eating my brain.


Here’s what my brain has been stuck on, nonstop for the past two days:

Born Losers a prequel to In Discretion that I probably couldn’t even sell. I can picture every scene, I can feel the desperation of the characters. I can hear the music playing in the club, and smell the alcohol.


My brain doesn’t play fair.