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Balticon and Magical Cupcakes

Balticon was *mumbledymumble* weekends ago, and I am a terribly inefficient blogger.  I got to moderate the “When Bad Guys Go Good” panel, featuring Maria V. Snyder, Patrick Scaffido, Pete Prellwitz, and the GoH, Jody Lynn Nye.  People came to our reading.  Even people who were not related tous/obligated by friendship to attend.  We participated in our first Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading, which was heavily-attended and an amazing way to connect with people.  We sat at the Broad Universe table and gave away vast amounts of free stuff.  I got to meet Heather Dale, who is charming and wonderful in person.

I forgot to take a single picture, all weekend.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the chance to hold a release party.  The Cupcakes and Con Men party took place on Sunday.  We went through 50 cupcakes, 50 free reads, 12 “Cuff the Con Man” prize bags, and a prodigious number of giggles.  Thank you to everyone who attended, and special thanks to our road crew, Alex, Debbie M., Debbie P. (Two Debs are better than one!), Kevin, and Tammy.  Our entourage came to join us from California, Indiana, Missouri, and Vermont, and made the entire con something I’ll remember forever.  Also thanks to Mary S., who pimped the party to a bunch of her lovely friends.  Thank you all!

More than a few people asked me for the recipes I used, especially the killer brown sugar icing on the spiced peach cupcakes.  Because I like to share, here they are.

I’m going to admit to something- anyone who snagged one of the Deep Space Chocolate cupcakes had a defective baked good.  I was flying around like a crazy person while making them, and I didn’t put the fresh raspberries in the cupcakes.  The whole reason I chose such a rich, dry crumb cake was that the raspberries tend to make a moister cake overly soggy.  My apologies to anyone who was desperately wishing for a glass of milk!

A Spot of Brown Sugar Frosting (used with Spiced Peach Cupcakes)

Deep Space Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

Deep Space Dark Chocolate Frosting

Spiced Peach Cupcakes

Enjoy, bake in good health, and if we met you at Balticon, feel free to drop a comment.  We’d love to hear from you.


(You can also access these on the Recipes page, under Free Reads.)