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Before and After

When it’s a category on Wheel of Fortune, I’m all over the Before and After.  So why is it that I never remember to take before and after pictures until I’ve already reached the “after” part of the equation?

Never fear!  My mad Photoshop skillz (they really deserve the z) can fix the problem!

The Project: Backyard Mayhem

Last year for Christmas, I gave my friend and housemate, Stanley, the gift of landscaping.  No, it’s not what you’re thinking.  Actual landscaping.

Our back yard, over the years, has gone from relatively spacious and clean, to a gradually diminishing ivy nursery.  We’d lost at least 10 to 15 feet of yard to the creeping green menace, including the only spot on the entire property that gets enough direct sunlight to grow a vegetable garden.  It was time to declare war, and so, armed with only our wits, our checkbooks, and the wiles of the 3 guys who actually did most of the work, we struck a blow for freedom from the English (creeper vines.  Hi, Brits!  We <3 you!)

It wasn’t enough to just gain the ground back, though.  We had to stake our claim!  So after our reserve troops had been sent home, Stanley built me some lovely raised gardening beds, and then we both set to work filling them with the tiny mountain of topsoil that had been left behind for us.

We filled.  And we filled.  I’m pretty sure that Stanley thought I was going to have a heart attack, and I was relegated to “raker” rather than “shoveler”.  When we were done, I had learned two very important things:

1) I give awesome Christmas presents, when they get me something I want.
2) I would never make it on Supernatural, because those dudes seem to dig up a grave or two a week, and after moving approximately the same amount of dirt, I felt like I could cheerfully be put in the ground myself.

And now, courtesy of my lax grasp on sequencing, before and after pictures of my yard and new garden: